Complete professional development solutions for those who teach ESL EFL EAL to children.

About Us

Who are we?

We are a small but dedicated company that is ready to grow with the needs of the TEYL community. Our goal is to provide the best teacher training for those who teach ESL, EFL, or EAL to children.

Our CertTEYL program provides teachers with the latest language learning methods and approaches. The feedback we receive from course participants is used to improve our CertTEYL program.

Because each teacher has a different style and approach to teaching, we strive to provide individualized solutions for each course participant.


Teacher training in Europe, where our team started out, was dominated by two British companies and the industry was too conservative to satisfy the needs of most of our clients.

We decided to create our own CertTEYL course based on the latest research and with the basic assumption that no method or approach should have a monopoly on language teaching.

We were federally incorporated in Canada in 2002 as an educational company. Our corporation number is 602674-5

The Future

Advanced Teacher Training is always open to new ideas and new directions.

Our programs are updated frequently to fulfill the changing needs of the TEYL community.

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