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Host Schools Needed

We are looking for schools to host our practicum seminars!

This is an excellent opportunity to bring more prestige to your school and earn some money. We are looking for language school owners (or other institutions) to rent us some space in their building to run a ONE-WEEK practicum seminar.

We are also looking for a person associated with the school to act as a host for the teachers who are going to participate in the seminar.

1. Does my school qualify?
We need at least two large classrooms for a period of one week. The space should be reserved for our exclusive use; the materials belonging to the seminar participants will be left in the classrooms.

The dates of the seminars usually correspond to teacher breaks in the school year, so it should be a period of time where you normally do not have as many students.

We also need the school to be located near a major city or have facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and attractions nearby. The seminar participants will be travelling to your school from around the globe; therefore, the location and setting are important.

2. What do I do as a host?
Together we will determine your duties and obligations on a case-by-case basis. Minimally you can help with practical information about lodging, places to eat, and attractions. If you are a teacher or school director, you may also want to be involved in a seminar presentation or to give other educational input.

Another duty may include helping us to arrange for professionals to give talks or presentations at the seminar. You will be paid according to the level and amount of duties that you perform. A contract will be created based on a mutually beneficial agreement. We are friendly/nice and expect the same from our hosts.

3. How much money can I make?
We will give you up to US$650.00 for the use of your school for every one-week period and another set amount for your services as host (determined on a case by case basis).

We will also give you up to US$150.00 per seminar participant that you refer to us. A full custom contract will be signed to define all the terms and conditions for all parties involved.

Can I find out more about the practicum seminar?

The On-Site Practicum Seminar is part of our CertTEYL professional development program for those who teach English to children overseas. The prerequisite for the seminar is our E-Learning course.

Information about our CertTEYL program in general can be found at

Specific information about the practicum seminar On-Site Practicum Seminar


We have a website page with more information about the On-Site Practicum Seminar.