Complete professional development solutions for those who teach ESL EFL EAL to children.


Partnership Opportunities

We have been providing professional development for those who teach ESL EFL EAL to children overseas for almost ten years. We are looking for opportunities to form partnerships with, or to be affiliated with, top level universities and colleges around the globe.

We have a fully prepared and fully tested teacher training program ready to be added to your course line up.

This is a great opportunity for your university to offer a top level program without having to invest in development or research costs. We have already done years of work with teachers and top professionals in this field.

If you offer our program to your students, we will do all the sales, technical support, and tutoring work required. You will receive up to 40% of the course fee with virtually no cost or work.

Why do we offer you such good financial returns?

We have an excellent university level program, but we do not have a university; partnering with universities gives us more prestige, validity, and exposure. We both win!

An Example of a FEE SHARING Structure
[For illustrative purposes only. A fee sharing agreement has to be negotiated with each institution.]
Course Component Our course fee. MINIMUM course fee that your institution could charge. YOUR CUT!
CertTEYL E-Learning Course US$525.00 US$875.00 US$350.00
CertTEYL E-Learning Course US$975.00 US$1625.00 US$650.00
CertTEYL E-Learning Course US$295.00 US$490.00 US$195.00
CertTEYL E-Learning Course
US$1795.00 US$2990.00 US$1195.00

Other Opportunities and Partnerships

We are also open to any other partnership ideas. University or College departments like Adult Learning, Continuing Education, or Community Outreach are also strongly suited to our program.

Please use this contact form to start a conversation about opportunities for a partnership.

Thank you!