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Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, and Partnerships.

We would like the opportunity to work cooperatively with you if you are in the educational sector as a publisher, language school franchisee, course provider, or other similar field.

Below is a case study of our best partnership venture to date. We are looking for similar ventures in other countries, but we are also open to any new ideas or possibilities.

Advanced Teacher Training is actively looking for opportunities to license our CertTEYL program around the globe.

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Joint venture with Edvec in Japan (2004 – present)

In the summer of 2004, we were contacted by an innovative and exciting new company from Japan called Edvec Inc. They publish ESL textbooks and other materials for children in Japan, Korea, and other countries. Additionally, they provide other services such as creating and selling software; they also run several private language schools. Edvec is a subsidiary of Chuman Gakuin.

Edvec decided that it would be wise to provide a wider range of services for teachers. They chose the field of professional development for English teachers in Japan. They started a non-profit organization for that pursuit called The Society for the Advancement of International Education.

Instead of starting from scratch and taking months or even years to develop their own teacher training course, they contacted us; consequentially, we worked out an agreement to license our CertTEYL program course for Japan to Edvec. They translated the course into Japanese and modified some elements to make it more suitable to teachers in Japan. The resulting program is called Teyl-JAPAN.

Our partners at the JALT 2006 Conference
[JALT=Japan Association for Language Teaching]

So far Edvec has provided our CertTEYL E-Learning course to hundreds of teachers and the market is quickly growing.

In 2012 the Ministry of Education in Japan announced that English would be a new subject in all elementary public schools. Edvec is well positioned to provide professional development solutions for thousands of teachers.

Edvec also got the course recognized by J-Shine which is the agency that officially verifies English teacher qualifications in Japan. Excellent job Edvec!

Mr. Chuman receiving the Yokohama Trust and Resona Bank prizes for their joint venture business plan with Advanced Teacher Training. March 2005


Advanced Teacher Training is actively looking for opportunities to license our CertTEYL program around the globe.


"I highly recommend this course for any ESL instructor who has a true passion for teaching children.

The organization of the modules is simple to follow yet demanding. Best of all, what you learn can be immediately applied...

American ESL Instructor in Tokyo

"I would recommend this course to anyone teaching children or considering a career in TEYL.

This is a great way to begin a career in TEYL or continue your professional development.

Teyl-JAPAN tutor

"If you want to gain more knowledge and advance your all-round teaching skills, then do this course!"

British teacher in Japan

"I genuinely admire the course, as it is really helpful for the practical side of teaching. I thank you again for your courtesy..."

Japanese English teacher